The Way Bail Bond Charges Work

Bail bondsmen have the job of helping people who have been booked on suspicion of committing a particular crime. Essentially, they act on behalf of the defendant and arrange with the court to have that person released from jail by posting bond. The bond assures the court that the individual will return on a set a date for a court hearing.

The way a bail bondsman charges clients begins with how much they put up to the court to release a particular individual from jail. The court sets the bail amount. The bail bondsman will charge the suspect or his family or friends about 10 percent of the amount of the bond.

This fee is not refundable. Even if the person’s case is thrown out after bail is posted, the funds do not get returned. A bail bondsman’s charges are subject to the laws of the state in which they conduct business.

Some bail bondsman will tell a person that they can offer them a discount on the bond. There is usually no such thing as a bond discount. The allowable bail premium is set by state laws and vary, so it is important to understand this.

A bail bondsman likeĀ takes out a security against the defendant to cover the bail. If the person or his family does not have assets to pay this in full, the bondsman might require an additional cash payment together with a mortgage on a person’s home or other property to equal the total amount of bail.

Different bond companies charge about the same because of bail being regulated by state laws. Find Speedy on facebook and follow them to know about bail bonds. If you are ever in a position to bail a loved one from jail, you can approach any bond service in your area and expect to pay about the same to each of them.