4 Tips For Finding A Perfect Roommate In New York City


Having a roommate offers numerous benefits. When you share the financial responsibility, you can often afford a more luxurious apartment. Roommates also make a living is a big city such as New York less lonely. Finding the perfect companion might be challenging, but it is possible to find one by simply following these tips:

1.    Preparing A List

You should treat your search for a roommate as you do your job hunting or apartment searching. Prepare a list of the attributes that you would like. Good friends don’t always make for good roommates. You ideally want somebody that:

–    Respects privacy

–    Is financially capable of paying rent

–    Keeps hours similar to yours

–    Is ready to share household chores


2.    Getting The Word Out

Today, you never have to place classified ads to find somebody to share rent with. Many people find it more efficient to ask around as opposed to advertising. Ask friends, coworkers, or other family members whether they know of anyone who is searching for a place to live that suits your criteria.

3.    Meeting Your Prospective Roommate In Person

Never take somebody else word for it. Find the time to meet your potential roommate in person to ask some questions. Ensure that you ask your prospective roommate about their previous cohabitation experiences and personal habits. You should be mindful about how they handle conflict. Ultimately, you need to trust your instincts when choosing a roommate.

4.    Protecting Yourself

Before you hand over the keys to the apartment to a new roommate, you need to protect yourself by taking several right precautions including:

–    Signing a roommate agreement

–    Asking for references

–    Employment verification

–    Running a credit check

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal roommate particularly in the major cities such as New York might be challenging, but it need not be. By following the tips discussed in this article, you will find the perfect roommate in New York City.

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